SPRINGTOWN, PA. -- Bryan Bennett has spent the last 30 years working with his hands . . . But Bryansstudio never quite like this.

 From his earliest responsibilities on his family’s farm, to a 23-year career as a land surveyor, this area native has always relied on the strength and skill of his two hands.

With the launch of his new career in therapeutic massage, Bennett is again relying on the power of his hands to achieve his goals. Bennett has set up his studio at 3203 Main Street in Springtown, just a stone’s throw away from the home in which he spent his early childhood.

 The transition from the land surveying business to therapeutic massage follows a typical path taken by many individuals who were caught up in the recent economic downturn. Laid off by his long-time employer, and recognizing that changes in the economy and advances in technology limited his future in land surveying, Bennett began to think about studying therapeutic massage.

 "I knew it was time to change course," Bennett stated, "and I began to think about a new career. A number of friends and family told me over the years that the backrubs and neck rubs I had given them really helped them to feel better. My wife went so far as to say that I had been gifted with a healing touch. So I decided to take this ‘gift’ and cultivate it."

 Bennett entered Lincoln Technical School, where he spent the next eight months attending class daily and learning his trade. The in-depth instruction gave Bennett a comprehensive and practical foundation, cultivating a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology and the way that the body responds to different types of therapeutic massage. His training also gave him valuable tools and skills in client assessment, communication and business ethics.

 His professional preparation focused heavily on clinical practice, where Bennett perfected his technique in a variety of different modalities, both physical and holistic. In addition to the more traditional forms, such as Swedish, deep tissue and chair massage, Bennett also enhanced his experience by learning, and becoming certified in Level One CranioSacral therapy, a light-touch approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction. Nationally certified in therapeutic massage and body working, Bennett is also well-skilled in trigger point therapy and Shiatsu massage.

It is his ability to draw from these varied techniques, and his ease with employing both strength and light-touch that allow Bennett to provide a unique therapy session for his clients. "Most clients will benefit from an integrated session, tailored specifically for their individual needs," he explained.

 As a one-man operation doing strictly massage in a modest sized studio, Bennett is able to offer his clients convenient and flexible scheduling, reasonable pricing and personalized service. In addition to his own practice, Bennett also sees clients at the Youthful You Institute of the Lehigh Valley Health Network, and at Balance and Harmony, LLC, Chalfont, PA.

 "I realize that I don’t look like your typical massage therapist," Bennett good-naturedly observes, referring to his large stature and rugged hands that have served him so well through his life. "But even before I began to look into therapeutic massage as a career choice, I always had a gentle touch."

 To contact Bryan Bennett Therapeutic Massage, call 484-619-0990; or e-mail him at

[email protected]