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Our Lady of the Smile: A mother's smile can change things

Years ago, I saw a statue of Mary with a title I had never seen before - Our Lady of the Smile.                                                   

It wasn't until recently, after OLoStwo years of struggling through a pandemic and deep distress for many people, that I made the effort to find out how that title was attributed to her.

It seemed now would be the perfect time to have recourse to a source of joy who may help us rediscover our reasons for smiling.

I learned about the life-threatening illness of St. Thérèse of Liseux when she was a child of 10. Her older sister, Marie, fell to her knees in prayer before a statue of Our Lady of Victory which was a treasured belonging of the Martin family. While she prayed for Thérèse's healing, the young saint saw an image of Mary, bright and warm and displaying a facial expression that filled the young child with joy.

From this moment, Thérèse was healed, and a devotion to Our Lady of the Smile (or sometimes Smiles) was born.



A prayer for Our Lady of the Smile

Gentle Mary, My Mother,
I place before you the worries,
hurts and hopes of my heart.
They shrink my soul and I feel heavy and hopeless.
Darkness closes in around me.
I reach out to you, bright Lady of Hope.
Smile on me.
Smile on my loved ones and the intentions I place before you.

(Mention your intentions here...)

Your tender smile works miracles and heals,
as you did with St. Thérèse, the Little Flower.
You are my true Mother.
You show the tender mercy of God.
Smile on me, Blessed Mother,
and all will be well.

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