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Living like you belong to God

Having recently observed a very contentious exchange between a customer and waitress at a local diner, fueled with great pleasure and precision by Hateface andre-hunter-5otlbgWJlLs-unsplash
the customer, I have to wonder why people feel that being loud, abusive and rude is something of which to be proud.

This woman not only seemed to feel it was acceptable, but gloated that she had put another person in her place in front of a room full of patrons while hurling every profanity in the book.

She didn’t seem to realize that the only person who looked like a fool was her, especially as she was scooping mashed potatoes off her plate with her hands and slamming them down on another plate to make a point. 

Seems like she felt empowered by the increasing bad behavior fostered in society.

I thought of her when I came upon a book entitled, “Living Like You Belong to God.”  Remembering where we come from, and to whom we belong, goes a long way in nurturing decisions and behavior that reflect our noble origins, instead of dragging our human nature through the mud.

For those of us who profess to believe in God, remembering where we came from can help us be a positive influence in the world, instead of an embarrassment.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash.


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