Mary, Mother of Silence
Prayer To Our Lady Of Candles

September, the month of the Seven Sorrows of Mary

1. Mary’s sorrow, when she receives the prophecy of Simeon, whereby a sword will Seven-sorrows-virgin-marypierce her heart.

2. Mary’ sorrow, when she must flee with her baby Jesus and husband Joseph – the flight into Egypt.

3. Mary’s sorrow, when, with Joseph, she seeks her young son Jesus, lost in Jerusalem.

4. Mary’s sorrow, when she meets her beloved son, carrying his cross on his way to Calvary.

5. Mary’s sorrow, as she stands at the foot of the Cross and witnesses the death of her beloved son.

6. Mary’s sorrow, as the body of her beloved son, is taken down from the Cross.

7. Mary’s sorrow, at the entombment of her beloved son.


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