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Read this a few weeks back in The Catholic Spirit. It made me sad to think that this kind of opinion is prevalent in the Catholic community and I really wondered why I remain a practicing Catholic if this is how many people feel. It is obvious that the "one particular person" you were beginning to hate is Donald Trump because his tough-talking personality just bothers your delicate sensibilities. What really should bother you is the political platform of the Democratic Party: pro-abortion and pro-homosexual/gay marriage. Aren't these two issues the Catholic Church, at least for now, is still against? How do you justify voting for people who are okay with funding Planned Parenthood, which has clearly been shown to have been selling aborted baby parts? I, for one, do not want to meet my Maker and explain actions such as these. Here are the links to two interesting articles that might interest you:

1) http://townhall.com/columnists/waynegrudem/2016/07/28/why-voting-for-donald-trump-is-a-morally-good-choice-n2199564

2) http://politichicks.com/2016/08/dear-christians-seen-democratic-platform/

Thank you.

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